The best reusable Face Mask

Each biomsk® mouthpiece contains the nano molecule NBELYAX®

The active ingredient NBELYAX®️ of only 2 Nanometers is the most advanced antimicrobial system in the world.

It is a nanobiomolecule designed to penetrate pathogenic micro-organisms and thus destroy their DNA and RNA.

It acts as a programmed biocatalyst to eliminate all types of pathogenic micro-organisms that, unlike common disinfectants and antiseptics, do not harm the user in any way. As there is no transfer of genetic information, it does not allow it to generate resistance.

“THE RESULT IS A GREAT ACHIEVEMENT IN ADVANCING MEDICAL SCIENCE GLOBALLY” This nanomolecule is unique in the world and is patented in more than 120 countries; developed since 10 years.

Developed and manufactured in a 100% safe environment

Each face mask is manufactured to the highest standards of safety and cleanliness, so you can feel confident that you will receive a 100% safe and clean product.

That is why we have the certification of COFEPRIS and INER and FDA, which endorse our quality standards.